RAID: Shadow Legends


Combat your way through a visually-stunning mythical RPG realm with hundreds of Champions from 14 factions.
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Plarium Global Ltd
May 17, 2022
5.0 and up

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You must fight your way through the stunningly beautiful mythical RPG world with thousands of Champions in 14 distinct factions.

In order to save Teleria from the ravages of Teleria, you’ll need to attract its most famous warriors against the forces of Light and Darkness Learn to train them in team combat make them live weapons, and then form the greatest group of raiders ever witnessed.

With more than 1 million potential Champion designs, RAID Shadow Legends offers a scale of strategy that is unparalleled by other fantasy role-playing games. Explore your options and create the ideal team to defeat every challenger.

Our community of players has grown for the past three years and has fought over 10 million fights per day. Join us to prove to everyone you’re an effective nemesis!

 Deep RAID Shadow Legends Features

Powerful Champions

Find 650+ warriors across 14 factions in the gacha collection. Form an enlightened team of Sorcerers Knights, Sorcerers, Elves, and others to defeat your enemies. You can then get them to join in your cause!

Fight Epic Bosses

Do you dare to face the Magma Dragon as well as The Fire Knight, the Eternal Dragon, or even the Ice Golem? Take on a variety of difficult bosses to earn loot, XP, or special drops. In typical RPG fashion, you can through them again to earn more strong equipment!

Arena For Multiplayer PvP

Play head-to-head against other players in a fierce battle to unlock special gear, and get to the top of the arena. Two teams are in, but only one team emerges.

Feel The 3D Visceral Artwork

Beautiful, fully rendered 3D combatants offer breathtaking detail, right down even to their flaws. You can see your nemesis and friend fighting in a vibrant fantasy world, with thousands of distinctive skills and attacks

Create and manage your Bastion

Create your own personal castle to handle your Shards and prepare your Champions for dungeon adventures or multiplayer arena battles and the story-driven campaign.

Enjoy Rewarding Stratey & RPG Gameplay

Make difficult decisions and equip your Heroes with powerful objects to assist them on their journey. They can be ranked up for terrifying special abilities, AOE attacks, and healing abilities.

Clean Our Massive PvE campaign map

Enjoy a dark and epic experience in 12 stunning locations that are spread across an extensive, fully-voiced campaign. Dragons, Orcs, and Undead Knights are only among the many creatures that await you.

Experience Hassle-Free Autoplay

Gacha role-playing games needn’t be an arduous task! Automated levels so you can play less and spend spending more time exploring.


Please note:

* Items are available for purchase in this fantasy gacha RPG. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
* RAID is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese. We understand that role-playing games are always more immersive in your native language!


What's new

New in 5.51.0:

- Tag Team Arena update: Expanded the Tiers, increased the player limit, and adjusted Tier Placement.
- Forge update: Added 10x Crafting option, ability to skip animations, and adjusted Forge Material drop balance in Faction Wars.
- Added Turn Counter display for all Battles, with notification after reaching 1000 Turns.
- The "Go" button for Forge-related Advanced Quests will now jump to specific Sets.
- Other game enhancements and fixes.